David A Johnson

Over twenty-five years ago I was introduced to homeopathy. Although it helped with the problems I was having at the time, I thought of homeopathic remedies as similar to helpful herbs or supplements.  I didn't understand that the system of homeopathy is based on a comprehensive philosophy and approach to understanding states of health and disease.

Years later, I was immersed in the practice of conventional medicine as a physician assistant.  I worked in the areas of ophthalmology, orthopedics, urgent care, family practice and internal medicine, and coordinated and taught clinical medicine courses at the University of Wisconsin Physician Assistant Program. Although I was very confident about the benefits of modern medicine, I began to reflect on those realms of conventional medical practice which truly helped a person, and which did not.

One of my best students at the time used homeopathic remedies for her children, and this re-introduced me to that approach.  I asked her, 'Now, tell me honestly, do the remedies really work?'  Her answer was a confident 'Yes.' After reading my first book on homeopathy, I was fascinated by the valid critique it offered into the strengths and weaknesses of my 'own' conventional practice. I was particularly concerned by the realization that--apart from the 'absence of disease'--conventional medicine offered few guiding or integrated definitions of health.  

I began by reading more books, and each month took a jet from Alaska to Seattle to study homeopathy with other medical professionals.  After completing the 120 hour course, it was clear I would need much more training. I moved to Minneapolis to work in a complementary medicine clinic while completing an intense four year program of homeopathic study.

Although the homeopathic philosophy of health and disease first attracted me to the practice, my confidence in the remedies developed over time.  When I first watched 'before and after' videos of homeopathic patients in Seattle, the visual evidence helped to confirm what I'd read.  But it was after using a remedy to resolve a nephew's nightmares I was truly amazed.  The experience with my first clients further impressed me with the diversity of problems which homeopathy can address.

Since that time, I've treated hundreds of patients of all ages, and my respect for the power of homeopathy has only continued to grow.  Even with the darkest places we may find ourselves--physically, mentally or emotionally--the homeopathic remedies offer a sure means to help us out, and I'm very thankful to be a witness to that healing.

(David is seen here with his wife Sue, and his daughters, Abby and Emily.)

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