The homeopathic ideal is encapsulated in the biblical adage: “By their fruits, you shall know them.” The homeopaths behind Homeopathy2Health tell you why their careers in healing have led them to the holistic gentle science of homeopathy.

David A. Johnson’s Mission Statement:
“ ...I've treated hundreds of patients of all ages, and my respect for the power of homeopathy has only continued to grow.  Even with the darkest places we may find ourselves -physically, mentally or emotionally - the homeopathic remedies offer a sure means to help us out, and I'm very thankful to be a witness to that healing”.
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Leela D’Souza-Francisco’s Mission Statement:
“I have always wanted to help people and be kind to them in their distress. So, being a doctor was the best option I had. In my endeavor to study Medicine, God would have it that I study Homeopathy. And, I’ve been fascinated with it, ever since...”
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