The homeopathic consultation and questionnaire is used to understand you as a whole person. Think of it this way--if there were 500 people in a room who had the same complaints or diagnosis as yours, how would we be able to distinguish you from the group? What other considerations would help us to understand the unique nature of your problem? Are there any times or conditions which make the problem better or worse? Are there any other complaints which are occurring at the same time? Along with physical complaints, we want to understand types of work, activity or social situations, which are easier for you to handle, and other situations which are or have been more challenging. All of your answers help us to understand how your system might have been stressed physically, mentally and emotionally, and can lead us to a specifically matched remedy for help with your problems.

Because homeopathic remedies stimulate your own healing capacities, the duration of time for recovery will vary accordingly. A general estimate is that gradual improvement occurs over a period of approximately one month for every year the problem has been present. Because a remedy helps your entire system to return to a greater state of balance, you should also experience improved energy, sleep and mood.

Contact us for more information about whether your problem is one that is amenable to homeopathic care. You will receive a reply to your query within 24 hours, along with payment information and a registration ID for your questionnaire. Payment and care are based on three-month periods, during which time you are able to follow up as often as necessary. Since payment details vary with each country and each case is individual, we encourage you to submit your specific set of queries for payments, including questions about your problem directly to us for a complete reply.

Well known homeopathic pharmacies have been listed on the links page, from where one can order genuine homeopathic remedies online.

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