This section features the online accounts of people whose lives have been enhanced by the healing touch of homeopathy initiated by the Homeopathy2Health team.

» Depression: Cindy Clark

» Situational Disorder: Jill Farmer

» Croupy Cough: Karin Copper
Multi–Infarct Dementia: Carol Orr
» Sleep Disorder: Debbie Brown
» Psoriasis: Inga Pruden – Wiley
» Osteoporosis, Hair Fall, Hyperlipidaemia: Sheila Lobo


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Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 1:06 PM
Subject: Testimony from Cindy Clark

I would like to share just how the help and expertise of Dr. Leela and David Johnson saved my husband's life and our family from a very grim future. 

My husband James has struggled with depression and anger ever since he can remember.  At an earlier point he had even attempted suicide.  His moods were very difficult and he would often fly off the handle was unable to control himself.  He would throw objects, punch walls and yell.  He would say cruel things in attempt to hurt those around him.  Though to the outside world he appeared cool and charismatic, he was truly tortured within.  I found myself in a place where something had to be done as this was not a healthy situation for our very young children.

He was seen by a traditional allopathic doctor in America and was prescribed an anti-depressant medication which is very common in such situations.  It did help at first but after just a few months the symptoms began to return even worse plus toxic side effects.  The medication gave him nasty side effects like a tic, dullness/absence of emotion, inability to remain still, daily was obvious that this would not be the answer. 

James' anger and depression had reached yet another level.  It was at a point where he did not even feel remorse for the suffering caused.  He would cut himself just to feel something.  He would tell me that nothing would ever get better.  He would not come home some nights; he had even begun pursuing the possibility of other relationships, I found out later.  He was in such a pit of despair he could not even see how much he hurt those around him, or even that we loved him and how much we wanted to help.  I was afraid of him, and afraid one day he would succumb to his thoughts and not come home again.

Clearly it was at a crucial point in which we had to find a solution or I was going to have to leave him for the sake of our children regardless of how much I loved him!  It was then that I posted a plea online asking for homeopathic help for our dire situation.  I had seen homeopathy work amazingly and naturally at home for myself with minor issues like bumps and bruises, teething, fevers and such. With much thought and prayer I came to the conclusion that treatment from a professional homeopath was our best chance and perhaps only hope. 

After being contacted by Dr. Leela and David Johnson, I filled out a detailed questionnaire regarding my husband's condition.  It took some time as it is of course crucial to get as much history and details as possible to ensure the best possible treatment.  I was contacted after his case was studied and James was prescribed a remedy which was a SIMILIMUM.

What can I say?  It changed our lives completely and quickly!  David Johnson had hit the nail squarely on the head with the chosen remedy.  James and I would never have thought that all of this suffering related to a traumatic head injury experienced when he was just four years old!  And yet that was what led the Dr. in choosing this remedy for James!  The perfect remedy suited exactly for him: his symptoms, personality, medical history, family history...that occurrence at the young age of four was at the very root of it all and we will remain forever grateful and devoted to homeopathic treatment because of the truly unimaginable cure that has followed.

James now is a different person.  It brings tears in my eyes to look at him enjoying life and our family, and actually feeling hope when not so long ago he felt nothing but a chasm of despair and anger.  I cannot express the depth of change this has brought to him and to our lives.  I could never have imagined such a different life for us even in my most positive thinking.  He says that it is difficult to imagine how things were.  Where there was once rage and darkness he now feels peace and clarity of thought.  Where he was a near tyrant at home, we cherish the time together and all he desires is to make up all of the lost time with us.  Our only wish is that he could have gotten homeopathic care sooner so that he could always have been enjoying life as he is now!  And we are committed to the homeopathic care of our two little girls (ages 1 and 3) so that they will never have any trauma effect their lives in such a devastating way.

David Johnson could not have chosen a more perfect remedy catered exactly for James.  Since his very first dose of homeopathic medicine, Dr. Leela has been with us every step of the way;  to perceive when repetition was required, address any acute problems and answer any questions without fail.  Also Dr. Leela has also been invaluable to my entire family in providing us with the most excellent constitutional and acute homeopathic care I could imagine possible.  Any correspondence have always been returned promptly and with great care.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend both Dr. Leela and David Johnson to anyone in need of reputable and skilled homeopaths.  No one has a better chance of a healthy future.

Most sincerely and gratefully,
Cindy Clark.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada


7th April 2002

I have been an online patient of Dr Leela's for the last 6 months. With her great expertise, and also that of David Johnson, who has collaborated with remedies and dosage throughout, I at last feel that I have an improvement in health. I have suffered a slow but sure deterioration in my physical and mental health since the age of 18. I am now 45. I have tried everything, starting off with allopathic medicine, and then later on, spending a lot of money and time on various 'alternative' treatments. I know that the healing I am experiencing now is at a very much deeper level than I have experienced before and that it is not just temporary. Not only would I recommend Homeopathy to anyone, but also, the compassion and patience I have received from Dr Leela has been wonderful.

I have found on line treatment to have many advantages. One of the main ones is that when I am experiencing various symptoms, I can sit down, type them out and e mail them straight away to Dr Leela. I do not have to try and remember things for a monthly one hour appointment, for example. I can write them down as I experience them, which is not only helpful to me, but I feel it is a much better way of finding correct remedies and dosages as they are needed. Homeopathy, above any other treatment, recognises and uses the subtle changes in body and mind that are the signposts along the road to health..

Invariably I get a very fast reply from Dr Leela, always giving
encouragement, sometimes with advice, sometimes asking for more details or recommending changing dosage. I feel that I am in a healing partnership where I am always been treated with respect and compassion, always given time and thought, and I am at last getting better!

From Jill Farmer



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From: Karin Copper
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 12:46 PM
Subject: here is my testimonial

My 5 year old son had a series of coughs in autumn and winter of 2001. The first one appeared to be whooping cough, then several chest colds and fevers followed. Over those weeks, he developed a tendency towards asthma, having to stop every energetic physical activity due to coughing fits.

As a beginning homeopathic prescriber I needed help from a more experienced homeopath in this. Dr. Leela responded quickly, and she effectively prescribed for my son. The cough disappeared within two weeks and he is now able to be as physical as a little boy should be.

Being a homeopath, I was aware that old symptoms might come back temporarily as a sign of a curative reaction. And lo, the eczema that had almost disappeared years ago flared up again shortly after the cough improved. Dr. Leela is continuing to give me advice for his further treatment.

I am very grateful for Dr. Leela's help and would recommend her as a homeopath anytime. Not only is she an experienced professional, but her warm and compassionate nature can be felt even through cyberspace.

Karin Copper





My father is 85 years old. He was suffering from anxiety, stomach problems and was impossible to live with...He was arguing and complaining all the time, alienating his wife and other family members. He began to have days where he was confused about what town he was living in and the name of his wife...etc...symptoms which were diagnosed as several small strokes. Each day he would get more confused and within a couple of weeks he couldn't find the proper words for things and made almost no sense in a conversation. His wife was preparing to put him in the hospital and possibly a nursing home.

It was at this time that I reported a history of his symptoms and his current symptoms to Dr. Leela through e-mail. She responded almost immediately with a remedy and the dose to take. My father wouldn't take it so his wife put it in his water. Within a few days, he sounded better in conversation. He had leg pains that prohibited him from walking very far and he mentioned that he was able to walk better. Within two weeks (And after a aggravation where he was completely nasty for a few hours)...he was sounding like his old self...saying that he and his wife were getting along better than they had in years. His clarity of mind totally came back. There was no sign that he'd had any strokes. He began to have energy and wanted to start doing things instead of laying in bed all day. He started writing letters... cooking.... going out... phoning people. It was a very dramatic change from two weeks previously. He is thinking of teaching a writing class. Carol Orr, Minneapolis, Minnesota


From: Debbie Brown
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 11:34 PM

I wrote to Dr. Leela about my son, age 16, who had been unable to sleep nights for most of his life. At first he was only up until 2 or 3 AM, but as time went on, it got later and later until he couldn't sleep until 6 AM. It was ruining his life. Of course, he would make plans during the day and then sleep through them. We tried everything to help him out, including getting him up early every day for school, but he just got sick. Nothing seemed to help. He had a few other minor problems too.

Dr. Leela took his entire homeopathic history by email, as I live in the United States. She decided on a course of treatment for that and other associated complaints. She prescribed a remedy, and he took it a day before we left on a trip. He had intended to sleep through the long drive there, as he usually slept easily in the daytime, but he could not! He was a little upset because the drive bored him! But he was really happy to sleep well that night and be able to be up days with his brother and his little nephew during our stay. He continues to sleep well at night now.

Needless to say, it has made his life worth living to be on the same schedule as most of the world!

Debbie Brown
Oregon, USA